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Welcome to Flipside Events

Flipside Events is a creative event planning, and events hosting company based in Cape Town, South Africa.
We supply a wide range of event Equipment from audio-visual, to decor to shading. We cater to all types of events from small exclusive birthdays, weddings, 21sts or 50ths, to large music festivals requiring the full package of lighting, sound, decor, power, staging and more.

The Flipside Sound is unique, hand-crafted and Fat.

For further information and quoting please contact us through our Contact Page.


Earth Dance Beats Stage

Flipside Sound and Lighting hosts the Beats Tent, Earth Dance 2016 Flipside Events is very excited to announce we will be hosting the Beats Tent at Earthdance 2016! This is big news for us...

Summer on the Flipside

Summer on the Flipside

Summer on the Flipside boasts 2 genres of music and presents a very unique and exciting combination of Techno and Trance. This weekend-long music festival will have a taste for every ear...

Vortex - Summer Camp - Flipside

HeadSpace at OpenSource

Summer Camp – HeadSpace Dance Floor at Vortex powered by FlipSide – It’s pretty AMAZING!!!!! The Summer Camp Crew are once again back at Vortex hosting the 2nd Dance...

Summer Camp Kinetic

Summer Camp Kinetic

Summer Camp Kinetic was a huge success and all tickets sold out well before the event. The weather was perfect but cool in the evenings. The Flipside Sound Rig once again gave the...

Afrika Burn Dis-Connect

Afrika Burn – Summer Camp

Well, behind this amazing setup is of course the Summer Camp Team and all their reprobates, skabengas, wannabees and groupies who decided to reinvent the Land Rove and name her Rave Rover...

Flipside Events Stretchy Tents

Stretch Tents

Flipside Events has purchased 2 new stretch tents. These tents may be hired to shade any event. We also have access to a wide variety of stretch tents of different sizes and colors. Stretch...

Flipside Events

Summer Camp and Flipsideevents

Flipside Events will be working jointly with Summer Camp to bring Fat Sound to Cape Town. This creative collaboration will be behind the future New Years Eve Parties, Some Whacky Afrikaburn...