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Vortex - Summer Camp - Flipside

Summer Camp – HeadSpace Dance Floor at Vortex powered by FlipSide – It’s pretty AMAZING!!!!! The Summer Camp Crew are once again back at Vortex hosting the 2nd Dance Floor, this time called HeadSpace.

The dancefloor and setup is powered by Flipside Sound, Staging and Lighting.

To hear the Flipside Sound first-hand come out to Riviersondereind, setup your camp and come and have a wiggle.

The event opens officially today at 3pm, Thursday 3rd of December, with Vortex owner Grant Dreyer opening the party!

Line for HeadSpace Dance Floor

15:00 Grant Dreyer
17:00 Daniel Hofinger
19:00 Craig A
21:00 Thomas Peterson
23:00 ScamAntrix
1:00 Tranzl8tor

12:00 G- wok
14:00 Allan M
16:00 Stash
18:00 Talisman
20:00 Ted
22:00 Creator
0:00 Kim
2:00 Zoyon

12:00 Jimmy Benns
14:00 James Topp
16:00 Jono
18:00 Jan
20:00 Harry B
22:00 Sterealkey
0:00 Gerald Geldenhuis
2:00 Dan Scot

12:00 Onno
14:00 Tang Lang
16:00 Jonny Future
18:00 Nullunvoid
20:00 DJ Special K
22:00 Siren
0:00 Dolph
2:00 Spies

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