Flipside Events
Afrika Burn Dis-Connect

Well, behind this amazing setup is of course the Summer Camp Team and all their reprobates, skabengas, wannabees and groupies who decided to reinvent the Land Rove and name her Rave Rover.

What began as a theme camp think tank of large ideas on how to convert a ’85 Defender Land Rover into a “Mutant Vehicle” for Afrikaburn, ended in a most unexpected mobile Rave Rover, with landrover branding, giant motorised mirror ball and roof-top dancefloor that frankly took the stage at Afrikaburn. The Rave Rover was assembled at Afrikaburn after 2 long months of welding her up into the mutant vehicle that she became.  She cruised out and sunset and returned in the wee hours of the morning after driving out into the  varied landscape of artworks, night time lighting and myriad dance floors, showcasing a 15 kilowatt sound rig and top Summer Camp DJ’s. Where the Rave Rover Roamed, so did the crowds, gathering around in their visual feast of colorful and skimpy, sexy and outragous costumes. Clambering up onto the rooftop dancefloor, the entire Rover rocked with the beat and the swaying passengers. The mirror ball rocked on it’s pinnacle, and the night skies lit up by flaming artworks created a dramatic backdrop for the most extravagant week of parties, music, creativity and pretty much everything and anything…

Among some of the DJ’s fortunate enough to play on the Flipside Rig were: Pieter Wessels, Harry Boden, Craig Meyer, Jonno, Allan McCreadie, Gareth, and guest Dj’s.