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Summer Camp Kinetic

Summer Camp Kinetic was a huge success and all tickets sold out well before the event. The weather was perfect but cool in the evenings. The Flipside Sound Rig once again gave the DJ’s a superb hi profile sound to enjoy their music on…not to mention that the audience was blown away, almost literally, by the rolling solid bass that the rig projects.

Upcoming Summer Camps will be something to look out for, so keep your eyes peeled as tickets sell out within a couple of days as the Summer Camp owners, Harry Boden and Dani Flocton, have remained loyal to the small intimate gathering that they started 4 years ago.  Although popularity has grown, Summer Camp has remained a perfect play-ground for close friends and friends of close friends. You are part of a family at Summer Camp, that welcomes you with open arms, gifts, music and awesome venues.

The Flipside Sound Rig has a new addition and for those sound lovers in the know this means 2 new bass bins, 4 new tops with P-Audio drivers and powered by Crown.

DJ’s played 1.5 hour sets and the line-up boasted some 20 DJ’s, well-known and others well on their way to being in the music circuit and getting their name out there.

The Flipside Sound will be featuring at the December 2015 Vortex on the Summer Camp dance floor. See our Events page for dates and info for this event.


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