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Rave Rover Afrikaburn – 2016

RaveRover 2016

Rave Rover Afrikaburn – 2016

Although this event has passed, it is by no means forgotten and in honoring the magic and hard work and pure downright fun that was had by all who partied, played, danced, rigged, drove, derigged and LOOOOVED the RaveRover at this year’s Afrikaburn, here is a little reminder!

RaveRover rolled quietly in to Tankwa Town late on Tuesday night, after a heavy haul up the long dusty road into the Karoo, cunningly disguised as an almost regular looking vintage Land Rover Defender. Inside, hid all the gadgets and wizardry that would turn her into the light and sound spectacle that is RaveRover.

RaveRover 2016

An early start on Wednesday morning saw the RaveRover crew start transforming her, clothing her, and kitting her out with lights and lasers, DJ equipment, a giant mirror-ball, and the 15kW hand-crafted FSE (Flipside Events) sound rig that she is known and loved for! Allan M provided some sexy tunes to help the crew get the job done.

By 5pm, the beautiful beast was ready to hit “playa”, with Tom Real from the UK opening the show with a spectacular sunset set, followed by RaveRover “residents” G-Wok, Harry B, and Pieter Wessels, who all kept the Wednesday crowds going until 4am.

On Thursday RaveRover had been invited to attend and entertain the revelers at the Captains Ball, hosted by Beach Please. G-Wok delivered the goods, and caused many a pirate and sea-wench to lose their minds for a while before RaveRover trundled off deeper into the desert, where James wowed a big crowd with some beautiful progressive desert techno. ScamAntrix took over with her impressive tunes and skills, before guest duo Kanan K7 & Matt Blitz got handed the controls for a wild two-hour ride. Bart Marley finished off the evening with some serious rolling techno.


Friday… the day of wind and dust and rain and mud! Hatches battened, and technical gear covered, RaveRover sat out the storm in camp, until the wind settled and the skies opened for a gorgeous psychedelic sunset. Allan M’s sultry set provided the perfect soundtrack for Burners to shake off the dust and start another magical night exploring the Binnekring and surrounds. Newcomer, Ash, enjoyed a huge set at the Clan Burn, grabbing the full attention of thousands of Burners! Bart had another pounding set, before Pieter Wessels laid down some massive new tunes, drawing more and more people who came to dance around the dying Clan embers. Dolph finished off the night beautifully with his special brand of progressive trance.

Satori Saturday…. RaveRover found her home at the awesome Satori installation, which provided the perfect playground for all the dusty-faced, sparkly-eyed party animals. The dancing started at midday, with Jono J opening desert dancefloor with some dreamy daytime techno. Karen Groover entranced the crowd with some super progressive tunes even bigger than her smile! Saai nailed the sunset with her perfect techno set, before DimnD TF ushered in the night, playing until we all had to down tools for Silent Burn.

After the Silent Burn it was time for Toby2Shoes and Regan’s Wonky Wobbly Other-Worldly Techno Show-Down….. and, boy oh boy did RaveRover rock and roll like never before, with Burners clambering all over her to get up on the viewing (and dancing) platform. G-Wok and Bart finished off the evening with some superb minimal and thunderous techno respectively.

A spent but satisfied RaveRover rolled sleepily back to camp at sunrise on Sunday, and by noon she was all packed up, looking like a regular Landy again, and ready for the return trip back home to Cape Town.

RaveRover and her crew had an incredible time at AfrikaBurn 2016. So much love and thanks to all who came to play and dance and love and laugh with us!

Thanks to Jonathan Joseph (Flipside Events) for this article and Photographs from James Topp

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RaveRover - Flipside Sound - Afrikaburn - 2016

RaveRover DJ Line-up for 2016 at Afrikaburn


Allan M (Flipside / RaveRover / Summer Camp)

Tom Real (Take it Deep / Noisily- UK)

G-Wok (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)

Harry B (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)

Pieter Wessels (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)



G-Wok (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp) @ The Captain’s Ball

James (Fipside / RaveRover)

ScamAntrix (Fipside / RaveRover)

Kanan K7 & Matt Blitz (Kinky Disco)

Bart Marley (Retro Music / Beats Forward)



Allan M (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)

Ash (Flipside / RaveRover)

Bart Marley (Retro Music / Beats Forward)

Pieter Wessels (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)

DJ Dolph (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)



JonoJ (Flipside / RaveRover/ Summer Camp)

Karen Groover (Flipside / RaveRover)

Saai (Flipside / RaveRover)

DimnD TF (Origin / Eearthdance – SA)

Silent Burn

Toby2Shoes vs Regan (Nano Regards)

G-Wok (Flipside / RaveRover)

Bart Marley (Retro Music / Beats Forward)